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Update to Little Spender... I do have a job right now, actually three jobs all of a sudden! And I am trying to get my new business, Studio Diiley, up and running by late December, so this Little Spender project has a bit more leeway. I am still following the rules, but having to buy lots of supplies (sewing machine, wood for panels etc) I have to give myself a little more slack. Also, I broke down and bought a few clothing items with my fresh money...but I did trade out three items for each new item and donated them to the women's shelter. Hmm.. this is pretty hard, but still challenging in a good way.

I do not have a job right now. No money, and no reason to be spending. So, I've decided to partake in a little project called 'little spender'. I am doing this for two reasons. The first is that I like to consider myself a simplistic person and an eco-friendly one, but I don't think I really am. I bet that I consume just as much as anyone, so I want to see if I can really walk the walk. The second reason is simply saving money. It will be a nice experiment to see if I can actually save as much as I think or if I will end up spending my money on olive oil and saffron in place of socks and new c.d.s.

It is very simple: for 365 days I will follow these basic rules.

rule #1: no shopping
(this excludes shopping for food and essentials such as toothpaste and chai, but as a clause to this amendment, I have to buy local and organic food when possible)

rule #2: make my own
If I have to give material things (birthdays, baby showers etc) I will make the gift. I can only spend 30% of what I would normally spend on materials for this said project)

rule #3 free entertainment
I can not spend money on entertainment, this includes going out for drinks, movies and such.

rule #4 less traffic
I have a car, and I know I will have to use it, but if I can possibly bike, bus or carpool, I have to do it, no matter how grumpy it might make me. I will save on gas, parking and car repair.

I am going to track my spending or lack thereof, and I promise to post updates, frustrations and adventures that this project reveals.

I was partly inspired by The Story of Stuff, as well New Dress A Day, the state of our economy and my own desire to save some money so I can buy a house in the woods.

xoxo, k

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