Mad Love

I few of my very good friends and favorite couples are engaged. It seems like all at once, so this is a little shout out to all of them. Best wishes for cake and love and adventures together into the sunset...xoxo.

In ancient Athens, as in contemporary America, true democracy was always an ideal, never a fact.

Review of the Onassis Cultural Center's "Worshiping Women: Ritual and Reality in Classical Athens"


Will you go out with me?

Remember 7th grade... tights, lipgloss, the new Green Day album playing in the background as you did whatever it was you were doing to make yourself look fabulous? Well, I guess kids aren't doing it anymore, or they are, but they aren't dressing up first. Interesting article on dating...I'm assuimng all of this has to do with internetal relations i.e. face face and space space, but it is sort of sad that no one is up for the akward silences at the Frisko Freeze anymore.

The Demise of Dating read.