diiley updates

diiley studio is on its way! The sideboards and roof are complete and most of the framing is up! Now its just sheetrock and a few electrical + plumbing projects and diiley will be up and running! I am so excited to get painting for my show in December. Thank you Uncle Erik for letting diiley studios use this space, best farm studio ever!
Stay tuned for open studio and winter garden party details!



acrobats + gold diggers

I was a lucky girl this weekend, to be able to see the opening act of the Broadway bound 'Boomtown' at Tacoma's Pantages theatre on Friday night. The acrobats/actors were so beautiful, graceful and strong. I want to join a circus and learn to trapeze. The story was really simple, sort of a Hatfield/McCoy theme, but its uncluttered storyline made the perfect backdrop for the swooping and diving and flipping that took center stage. The troupe has had experience in projects like Cirque Mechanics, so their acrobatic athleticism was incredible. Plus, they were total crowd pleasers and super funny. We happened to run into the talented cast at a bar after the show and got to say hi and take pics, what sweet, excited kids! Go see the show in NYC!