need a summer art assignment?

The SKETCHBOOK project. I am doing this. It will be nice to do. xoxo


hunting bruce...dun nuh, dun nuh, dun nuh! Are you still scared of JAWS? I still can't float around with my back to the ocean floor, nope.

RIP Dennis Hopper, and thank you for your lovely photos + art!

Love the idea of airbnb, via cupofjo (who I've been blogstalking recently, she just had a baby and my best friend is preggers too, so there.)

these bangles rock*

now for serious. this is the Gulf Coast oil spill map. eww. Visit WWF's Gulf Oil Spill page to find a list of local wildlife protection groups and ways you can help.

*the little spender project is still very much in effect, but I can dream :)

photo via neil krug