i saw you in a long blue dress trying to feed your boyfriend a piece of cake

Fail... major Little Spender fail. Everything was going well. My best friend's baby shower is tomorrow and I made her a painting for the baby's room, a homemade baby sling and baklava...and then I went out and bought no less than three baby outfits. oops. So, to make up for it, I am going to get rid of three pieces of clothing that I don't wear and donate them. Now, I do not feel guilty for buying them, because lets face it, little baby dinosaur outfits are practically impossible not to buy, but I have to stick to this project, and I think getting rid of things I don't wear is a good solution when I slip up.

seriously, look at this... you can't blame me.

can never get enough of the 'i saw you' via the stranger

sail away and save the fossil fuels for later

interested in living here, perfect comfort colors via cupofjo

There are some new pet goats in my neighborhood. They sound cute most of the time, sometimes they sound loud. I don't know if baby goats are for anything specifically related to urban farming, assuming my neighbors aren't planning on milking or eating their little friends, although I suppose they are excellent lawn mowers....anyway this is a sweet little site about urban farming in seattle. Their blog is extra great.

my sketchbook makes me feel like i am in undergrad drawing 101 again and it's a nice feeling. how is your's coming?
The Sketchbook Project: 2011