the taste of love is sweet

why were we ever so mean to each other? who breaks hearts? we do, we do!


stillness as remedy

"Sometimes the accomplishment is merely standing still, growing through circumstances, rather than changing the circumstances. This has certainly been the case for me this past year. And though I cannot say the past year was the best ever, I can say I have learned a lot more about myself, my character, my needs, my wants, and what I want my future to be. By standing still in my circumstances, my foundation and understanding of myself has grown stronger." Stacy of la boudoir.

Sometimes standing still is nice.

I want Iceland

Dear Iceland,

Do you need another illustrator to reside upon your icy shores? Please say yes.




i heart cake

looking for a birthday cake for my grandpa's 90th in march...sending three choices, hummingbird cake, chocolate and chocolate peanut butter.

He's going to taste test and tell me which he would like more of ;)

the frosting I will use is swiss buttercream from smitten. I fucking love making giant birthday cakes!