pumpkin lasagna (AKA lots of dishes)

I adapted a recipe I had for butternut squash lasagna with a pumpkin lasagna recipe I found online, here. 
This is also a good one to follow, this is where I got the escarole part and how long to cook it all. I would read these recipes first, since they are much easier to read than mine, but if you want to know exactly what I did here you are.

First, Chop up a clove of garlic. You'll need a lot, so I used the cheater kind from Costco, already chopped and ready to rock.

Garlic B├ęchamel sauce is next:
 In a medium saucepan, heat 8 TBLS butter until melted and bubbly. Add 1/4 cup chopped garlic until slightly brown. Now slowly sprinkle flour into the mix and stir (constantly) until smooth. You'll want to put about 5 TBLS flour total. Then, add 3 cups of milk to the mix, and whisk until smooth. Bring to a boil, but don't let the milk burn. It will probably burn a little. Its okay. Now, salt and pepper and then set this aside.

Pumpkin Mash:
On medium high hear, saute 1 heaping TBLS of garlic with 2 TBLS olive oil. Add crushed rosemary, a good pinch, and stir until the garlic is browned. Now take one can of pumpkin puree and add to the pan until you've stirred everything together and it smells really garlicky. Add a heap of salt and pepper to this and then set aside off the heat.

Lightly saute a good handful of escarole in 2 TBLS olive oil. Set aside.

Caramelize your onion:
Chop it up. I used a really big Walla Walla sweet, so there was lots of it. I used about 3 TBLS butter to caramelize and cooked it really slow, until its a nice golden brown and almost falling apart. Set aside.

Butternut Squash:
Peel and chop up your butternut squash. You'll need about 3 cups. Saute with 4 TBLS butter until just browned. Then add about 2 cups of butternut squash soup to the pan and continue to stir for about 5 minutes. Add sage (handful of leaves) and salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes. Then set aside.

Now its egg time. Get our your Ricotta (an entire container, bigger the better) and empty into a big bowl. Stir in 2 eggs, salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Set aside.

Okay, when the eggs are out, add 2 more eggs to your pumpkin garlic puree and stir in. 

Now its time to layer.

I used cooked lasagna noodles, only because I don't trust the no-boil kind. Anyway, boil your noodles and set in cold water before you are ready to layer.

In a giant lasagna pan, seriously there is a lot of goods going into this, pour a splash of olive oil into the bottom.

Layer in this order: 
pumpkin mash (1/2)
bechamel sauce
butternut squash (all of it)
dollops of ricotta
bechamel sauce
the rest of the pumpkin mash (2/2)
layer of grated gouda and more ricotta
b├ęchamel over that

If you have anything left over...  layer it up and end with noodles
Sprinkle parmesan over the top layer and 3 TBLS melted butter over that

Cover all of it with tin foil, bake 375 for about an hour, then take the tinfoil off, crank it to 400 and bake for another 15 to brown.



This pumpkin butternut lasagna was good. So good.


I love these so much.

Dear Robert Josiah Bingaman, I love your work so much. Thank you. I love it, love it.



I am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and deeply committed to myself. - Warsan http://warsanshire.tumblr.com/ I am swimming around in he words today.



I found this photo on a tumblr who did not source the original (argh!). I e-mailed the tumblr account to see if the poster could find the link, but he said he looked all over and he cannot. So, if anybody knows where this photo was taken, which magical river, please let me know and then we will move there together and sit in the water and be happy forever.


a sort of surrender.

You are not the person you imagined you would be, but you did do all the imagining, which is nice.


esther pearl

Esther Pearl Watson makes super fancy alien saucer paintings and I love them. Here are more.


beasts of the southern wild

looks wonderful. come out soon please.



I had never seen Ryan Gosling in a film, but he is great in Drive. So is everyone else. Things that watching this film made me want to do.
1. drive
2. L.A. sunsets
3. chinese food
4. drapes
5. watch cartoons
6. wear a swimming suit under a skirt to work


all the juicy and canary bling

why do you want that love?


ever so slight it carries

Venus in transit. June 5, 2012.

If Venus is only going to do this once, then wait another 100 years, then I should see it now. Something centennial captures intrigue simply because we start imagining that we might place ourselves in time with this event. We were here. We are happening also. This image of Venus crossing the Sun can be etched into something more fool proof. I think we can circle it's shadow dots and count to five. That is easy enough. But try imagining what space holds on either end of its travels and then we seep into a darkness. A circular or pendular or planar trip.



The beginning of this video is a bit much, but the contraption is ingenious.

it won't make sense



When you are forty
I will still be nineteen
and your mustache will send

The empty space above our camp will fill with a separate smoke.

When you are just thirty one
I will still be nineteen
and my heart will measure



Moonrise Kingdom

This seems like a good idea.


a new favorite

pretty beautiful


My brother and I made so many cardboard forts. So many. We also used it to slide down the stairs. This kid is awesome.


you want me to be

gauguin colors on a tuberose sunday

Paul Gauguin knew his palette and his voluptuous muse under tahitian skies, but more than those things, he can put down lines. Clean, sweeping, easy marks and it made me want to draw. Just pencil on paper simple marks, cartoons. So pretty. Seeing them up close I could just see them being drawn again and again in real time and it all felt so contemporary. The show at SAM was nicely put together, a really good story and you feel pretty sure of your Gauguin until one of the last paintings in the group, cat and vase and you think there it is, his humor and then you wonder if there was humor in the first bit and you were overestimating his seriousness about escaping and perhaps all he wanted was young blood and rum. His love for himself was summed up in this quote: "Be in love and be in happiness. Be Mysterious." Seriously beautiful, and still vibrant. Pearly pinks and crystal clear turquoise and purple dreams. His prints and the rest of the Tahitian work was also really stunning. The best thing in the show is Gauguin's old paint box.


brain juice love

The Brain on Love - Diane Ackerman. I say this isn't new, but a nice reminder of why its normal to seek companionship. Why, when you are single, you seem to search out being un-single. This is soft science, but still nice.


yay for pretty tents

...someday when I have a lawn or a field outside my house instead of a tiny city side street I am going to buy one of these and sleep in it every saturday night.




We are all made of stars. This is all true. And I love you and I love them. When I orbit, I want you to orbit next to me. I haven't found you yet, but when I do I am going to cry.

need a love

a virtue


nothing better

look how beautiful these photos are. I really love them, so much. here are more by brice bischoff

true and sad, simple too

sometimes life surprises people, sometimes it doesn't


smart young princess

Arfa "Why are there no kids in your company?" - ARCast interview


david jien

I love this shit so much. more here.