the love in your eyes turns the knife in my stomach so nice

At that very moment she saw the horizon stretching out, at last a thin silver line marked the space between. Kneeling on a half prayer she balanced for hours. She was holding her breath like that. The day shifted and floated, carrying the weight of all of those other times with other people. They seemed to be stretched so far apart that the ties that had once held them became empty and brittle. Coming all the way back to where she had started, it gave her something solid to think about, like keeping your hand on the horse, sliding it up the back and across the neck. You don’t tell it anything, a secret even your horse can’t figure. Bleeding all of this felt fantastic. She withered away in this space of thought with the stark white light against its darkening counterpart. The walk home uneasy and jilting.


dinosaur lungs

dr peter ward talked about dinosaurs in a guest lecture today at work. We all have dinosaur lungs. check it out.

The next book on my summer reading list: A Great Night

I am working on a few classic illustrations this week, inspired by some of my favorite stories Peter and the Wolf, Rumpelstiltskin and Thumbelina. Lots of drawing, this is a good project.

I'm pretty happy right now.