Elephant Shark

There was a great white shark attack in San Diego this morning. A veterinarian was swimming and unfortunately a shark mistook him for a seal. However, the seal was happy, and since the man was a vet, he might have wanted the seal to stay happy.

This is an elephant shark, its really nice looking, I kind of can't imagine its real.



A beautiful thing happens only after a beautiful mistake.


Down in the Hole

The best song ever, or at least the best theme song presently. DoMaJe for season 4 of The Wire.

Bharti Kher's bindi-on-fiberglass elephant.

Bharti Kher, The Skin Speaks a Language Not Its Own, 2006

Jungle justice: Croc kills alleged illegal logger

Report out of Myanmar says detainee was knocked out of boat, eaten dun dun dun...!