I just think you should watch this and think about what a brilliant song this is. Everything about it makes me want to dance and love.


gimme gimme, or give give

Send a few chickens to someone, its fun. Every once in a while I like to buy chicks and geese for people I don't know in other parts of the world who don't have quite enough to eat. It makes my whole day. Try it, you will like it.

Heifer International.



This simple recipe for pumpkin bread is delicious...I added some vanilla, because I usually do.

I highly recommend it.

lady in white

Its almost Halloween, and for anyone out there looking to scare the bejesus out of some kids, or yourself, here are a few classics you may have overlooked. I was easily freaked out as a child, so I don't imagine these movies are all that scary, but they have a special place in my heart.

Lady in White Frank LaLoggia, 1988
Camp Sleepaway Robert Hiltzik, 1983
April Fool's Day Fred Walton, 1986
Cats Eye Lewis Teague, 1985
The Gate Tibor Takacs, 1987


You don’t love her, she loves you.
In this situation I recommend not continuing on,
but lighting a match alone in the dark
and putting it out with your tongue.

Sip from your own hands this time.
Place here to form a skintight saucer.
Remember her face in a mirror,
rearview landscapes in the morning.