bed love

feeling drizzly

It is rainy and overcast in Cambridge, and I don't have rain boots because everyone else does. Instead I wear my Merrell water shoes, which are not at all intended for puddles and sidewalk rivers, no. I am wearing them because I am hopeful that spring is here and the time is right for tennis shoes and no socks, instead of slushy snow pile dodging boots. Today was actually raincoat weather at a balmy 42*, but hey it isn't freezing!

My plan is to finish 7 new drawings for my website by Friday. That doesn't sound very hard, but I am having a hard time focusing this week. It might be spring fever and it might be my new lent diet. This year I have given up carbs after noon. This means I have to get my noodle fix at lunch. I am thinking of this plan like a farmer's diet. Eat a giant breakfast, a pretty awesome lunch and then stick with healthy eats for dinner, like salads and protein. Ughh, but how I crave my off brand cinnamon toasties at midnight...

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happy thursday :)