helpful sunday

Every Sunday I will be volunteering. I guess this sort of fits in with my little spender project, but its something I've wanted to do for a while. I had originally planned on big brothers/big sisters, but between my three part time jobs and starting a studio, it wasn't fair to sign up for a kid who needs someone they can really depend on and end up with me...someone with an out of control schedule. So, I am saving big sistering for later and instead I will be volunteering with either Habitat for Humanity, or going to flashvolunteer, an awesome site that directs you, based on your location, to volunteer positions in your neck of the woods. easy as pie.

I'm totally stoked for this little adventure. Reports to follow.


report: it is hard to volunteer sometimes. paperwork, meetings etc. and I am now on the list for big brothers/sisters, but they don't think I can get matched with a kid until Jan. so I am hanging in there...I missed the first habitat meeting in november, so I am signed up for the next one.

sipping your tea

I am sipping your tea, tonight.
Thinking about your good side,
a tendency that only speaks volumes
of my own habits or perhaps it is a crutch
to dwell on and numb some part of the cup.


fashion wednesday

Falling in love with this Danish chica's look. So sweet.

And really enjoying this sample of Lys Mediterranee I found in a magazine. I think sweaters hold perfume scents best.


brooklyn dreams

Brooklyn Diary curated by lena corwin makes me want to move to the city and marry a baker and have wild hooligan children, well, maybe someday.

If I lived in Brooklyn I would have to make a stop here. And I would read this.

Check out Dina Weiss

diary via cupofjo