Where in the Woods?

Siri Hayes, 2006. Courtesy of Gallerysmith

8 February - 15 March
Opening 7 February, 6-8pm

Featuring new works by four Melbourne-based artists Richard Grigg, Siri Hayes, Amanda Marburg and Mark Rodda Where in the woods? explores how nature acts as an elemental substance within us and how we utilise these untamed aspects to exorcise our myths and our animalistic imaginings. Although this group of artists all have diverse practices and work in a variety of media from photography, painting, video and sculpture, there are many interesting points of convergence and a shared aim to foster a process which is based on exploring the pictorial history of an ‘imagined’ nature in art.

Where in the woods? seeks to objectify the sense of insecurity we sometimes feel when confronted with nature, referencing in turn the artists in history who have created works along these particular lines.

Art as perfectly as it can be understood.