Biology, nature and evolution turned on their head... an interview with cool guy David Altmejd by The Art Newspaper.

The Art Newspaper: Your two huge giants (The Holes) fill the ground floor of Tate Liverpool. You’ve also shown a particular fondness for making werewolves. What draws you to these fairytale subjects?

David Altmejd: I always try to choose the most potentially symbolically interesting reference, but it’s very intuitive. I didn’t have any specific reasons to choose the werewolf, it just felt much more interesting than the human body or any other creature. It had more symbolic potential, it could open doors and start conversations.

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this is a good thing to do to waste time. I taught color and design and got a 7. I guess thats okay, my favorite colors are green and purple, and those are the hues I couldn't tell apart. hmmm. thanks nichole!

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