a toast to the night

new year, new skies


unrelated happy

happy christmas eve, eve. bunny + bathroom.


spaced off

Nothing you do has anything to do with you having once lived across the street and cutting through the grass, marking the tree with your knife and taking the stakes out of the flowerbed. In your dreams you come across the fence and find me standing in the shed. In my dreams you are sort of like the property line. You probably drink coffee and pay for it with a visa card which is embellished with the name of your favorite charity on the front. If I had to bet I would say its an organization that sponsors sea turtles. Do you know what seems familiar? Sea turtles.

from russia with love


happy birthday brother!

It is Johnny's birthday today! I'm making a Chocolate Buttermilk Sheetcake. Happy Birthday to my favorite brother in the world! Who loves mountain biking and chocolate!


knit knit pearl

sign me up for this swing please. by dedon via lace+tea

this is pretty special.
and as long as we're dreaming, photos delight


I am thankful for...

cranberry sauce
recipes such as this
sweet charity
happiness, health, family, friends + love
happy thankful day everyone! xoxoxo


gnocchi mac + cheese?

click here for a bowl of pure deliciousness

digging up denmark

I love Tycho Brahe. My dad has always had a fascination with the astronomer with the metal nose. It is pretty crazy. They are going to dig up Tycho Brahe's body to see what they can find out about his life + death. Did he die of poison from his rivals or did he simply eat too much? interesting.


sing a long

mermaid treats

asymmetric pearl necklace by bg

pearl snowball necklace by j crew

antique twig flower pearl necklace via sophie

I'm stuck inside with the flu today. So, I'm dreaming about living somewhere tropical and wearing pearls and eating mangos and studying tree bark.

a brrzy north wind has come down from Alaska today, and the puget sound is freezing and windy! and I am secretly super stoked because that means lots and tons of snow in the mountains for skiing!


diiley weekend

my friday: sketch, paint, sketch, paint, eat, paint, npr, paint, paint, sleep.
pretty pretty studio


dark + stormies

I am having some of my best friends over for supper on friday! Hand made pasta via smitten kitchen (this recipe really breaks it down), my own secret recipe for vodka sauce and for drinks... dark + stormies. I was introduced to these delicious concoctions a few years ago by two good friends from the east coast, and while we were on vacation at their beautiful lake house in new hampshire. Even though this cocktail is totally a summer drink, I think the dark and stormy weather we are having lately in the pacific northwest counts as a good reason.

also... check out these sexy pics

enjoy your neko, i sure do ;)


legos + hearts

If you have any extra love, please send it to my best friend's mom, who is in the hospital and recovering after a very scary + complicated surgery.

I love these lego letterpress prints. via unruly things via design work life


light and spiders

Tiny trellises and tapestries everywhere. October is the best for taking photos, especially with little spidies all over, catching the light and getting in your hair. Check out this 10/10 project via Lost.


sunday sleepy

check out these crystally caves of wonder
have you read this blog about unhappy hipsters? you should.
halloween is coming, this is awesome.
nice gulf photos


diiley updates

diiley studio is on its way! The sideboards and roof are complete and most of the framing is up! Now its just sheetrock and a few electrical + plumbing projects and diiley will be up and running! I am so excited to get painting for my show in December. Thank you Uncle Erik for letting diiley studios use this space, best farm studio ever!
Stay tuned for open studio and winter garden party details!



acrobats + gold diggers

I was a lucky girl this weekend, to be able to see the opening act of the Broadway bound 'Boomtown' at Tacoma's Pantages theatre on Friday night. The acrobats/actors were so beautiful, graceful and strong. I want to join a circus and learn to trapeze. The story was really simple, sort of a Hatfield/McCoy theme, but its uncluttered storyline made the perfect backdrop for the swooping and diving and flipping that took center stage. The troupe has had experience in projects like Cirque Mechanics, so their acrobatic athleticism was incredible. Plus, they were total crowd pleasers and super funny. We happened to run into the talented cast at a bar after the show and got to say hi and take pics, what sweet, excited kids! Go see the show in NYC!


helpful sunday

Every Sunday I will be volunteering. I guess this sort of fits in with my little spender project, but its something I've wanted to do for a while. I had originally planned on big brothers/big sisters, but between my three part time jobs and starting a studio, it wasn't fair to sign up for a kid who needs someone they can really depend on and end up with me...someone with an out of control schedule. So, I am saving big sistering for later and instead I will be volunteering with either Habitat for Humanity, or going to flashvolunteer, an awesome site that directs you, based on your location, to volunteer positions in your neck of the woods. easy as pie.

I'm totally stoked for this little adventure. Reports to follow.


report: it is hard to volunteer sometimes. paperwork, meetings etc. and I am now on the list for big brothers/sisters, but they don't think I can get matched with a kid until Jan. so I am hanging in there...I missed the first habitat meeting in november, so I am signed up for the next one.

sipping your tea

I am sipping your tea, tonight.
Thinking about your good side,
a tendency that only speaks volumes
of my own habits or perhaps it is a crutch
to dwell on and numb some part of the cup.


fashion wednesday

Falling in love with this Danish chica's look. So sweet.

And really enjoying this sample of Lys Mediterranee I found in a magazine. I think sweaters hold perfume scents best.


brooklyn dreams

Brooklyn Diary curated by lena corwin makes me want to move to the city and marry a baker and have wild hooligan children, well, maybe someday.

If I lived in Brooklyn I would have to make a stop here. And I would read this.

Check out Dina Weiss

diary via cupofjo


so pretty

recycled Hmong fabrics get reused for booties + bags. such beautiful designs from dazzling lanna


nice words of wisdom

article by russell bishop makes good on action jackson


new studio DiiLEY

I am completely over the top excited about my new studio! The studio, and my new business, Diiley, will be up and running soon! I am working on the website and waiting for a few walls to be knocked down, rebuilt and dry-walled, then it is time to move in and get to work! I will post photos soon! xoxo

p.s. Diiley is my own made up spelling of the Danish word, Dijleg, which means delicious, wonderful and delightful. It is pronounced 'dy lee' and will make you smile when you say it!



wooden shoe

the car stopped, door precariously posed above the flooded
it slipped out, heavy and bound to drown.
then when we drove away, perched on the dry aluminum roof
waiting for our never return to the farm
it stayed



I found these sweet marc jacobs pantalonis on sale and splurged...total little spender fail. umm, but I love them! I already gave up three pairs of old jeans for retribution, so does this count as a fail or a trade? Not sure yet ;)


please pass the submarine

pedal-powered too, oh yeah via inhabitat


lustful list thursday

Dream a little dream home via dwell

and these dainty camera earrings please, via sapphire squares

and this awesome contraption via Junyi Heo


i saw you in a long blue dress trying to feed your boyfriend a piece of cake

Fail... major Little Spender fail. Everything was going well. My best friend's baby shower is tomorrow and I made her a painting for the baby's room, a homemade baby sling and baklava...and then I went out and bought no less than three baby outfits. oops. So, to make up for it, I am going to get rid of three pieces of clothing that I don't wear and donate them. Now, I do not feel guilty for buying them, because lets face it, little baby dinosaur outfits are practically impossible not to buy, but I have to stick to this project, and I think getting rid of things I don't wear is a good solution when I slip up.

seriously, look at this... you can't blame me.

can never get enough of the 'i saw you' via the stranger

sail away and save the fossil fuels for later

interested in living here, perfect comfort colors via cupofjo

There are some new pet goats in my neighborhood. They sound cute most of the time, sometimes they sound loud. I don't know if baby goats are for anything specifically related to urban farming, assuming my neighbors aren't planning on milking or eating their little friends, although I suppose they are excellent lawn mowers....anyway this is a sweet little site about urban farming in seattle. Their blog is extra great.

my sketchbook makes me feel like i am in undergrad drawing 101 again and it's a nice feeling. how is your's coming?
The Sketchbook Project: 2011