a little bit taller

I imagine your face looks like a combination of men. Marty Robbins and Jude and maybe eyes like the brief encounter with the guy from the electronics store next to the book shop where I like their chai tea best. You are so handsome and lonely for a night like this. You are working hard for something that means something to you. Right. Like when I had to go to work really early and I would ride my bike past the Harvard Department of Zoology and I would turn to see people going in to study lions and salamanders and I would think to myself, that is really a nice solid thing to study, things that matter, things that roar and move around. Unlike philosophy or theory, these guys are pros, they know how to tag animals and dissect things to get answers. You are like that, no nonsense. Except you love my imagination and my pretend smarty pants comments about other countries. You can't get enough of my reaching out for things I can't grasp. You think its charming when I map out the universe in colored pencils. Then I make you some tea and you think its the best tea, and it is.

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