here comes success

iggy pop plays his song for me this morning, here comes my chinese rug
an open source, a wellspring of new ideas, something undone
can you believe all it took was a new perspective, something true
sweetheart, he's telling me, here comes the zoo
he doesn't have a lot of space in my apartment, so his shoes are on the bed
and he is leaning against the screen in my window,
I'm a little worried about his safety, but he doesn't seem to mind anything
here comes the manuals, the filling out of things, applications and forms
here comes a long road home, a broken air conditioner, a friend
here comes the best the world has offer
he's going to do the twist and go out and do anything he wants
here comes my business, my busy agendas and meetings and finger crossing
here comes some hard work, here comes not getting enough to eat
like a stampede of jungle shapes rushing out the door into a sunny field
here's to hoping they find something grand to occupy themselves
because right now, it is like after an earthquake, you miss that uneasy shaking

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