if we keep looking towards the distant horizon, one of us is going to have to say something

I'm sure that this is harder for you than it is for me. You have had to watch and see. My not doing anything, seemingly anyway, is probably especially aggravating. I would imagine that if I were in your shoes, I would surrender any hope and move on, focus on my head being full with other things. You can't know everything though, or as it were, I can't imagine I know everything. If you, just for a moment, were in control, then what would you do? Is it that serious that you need permission? Do you need an authoritative a-okay? I wish it wasn't like this, I wish you could stand behind me whenever you wanted. I wish you could stop touching my face again. Before I knew about this sort of thing, or this instance, I was pretty resistant to it. Then you let me in and showed me how and I felt good again. There is a story where a lady loses someone, so she puts her broken heart in a pouch and carries it with her wherever she goes. Each day it gets heavier and more burdensome. After many months of carrying this pouch she meets a fox in the forest. The fox see's the heart and wants to eat it. So, he tells the lady that he will watch the pouch for her while she rests. The lady thanks him and falls down into a deep sleep next to him. The fox licks his lips and opens the ouch only to discover all the sadness and love in the whole world is in the pouch. He immediately falls in love with the lady and vows to protect her. When the lady wakes up her pouch is beside her, but when she looks inside it, she finds it empty. She searches for her friend the fox and he is nowhere to be seen. After crying just one tear for her heart and the fox she awakes from a seemingly endless dream. From then on, wherever she wanders she feels happy and loved. The lady stays in the forest to be next to her fox memory and the fox is always licking his lips and lusting after her heart. That is a shortened version of our similar story I guess.

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