it was a sound like a great white river

So, living in Washington State, I have been aware of the One Square Inch project prior to now, but I recently stumbled upon this new blog called, A New Fucking Wilderness. They have a blurb about the project, and so I thought I would follow suit. I plan on hiking up the hoh river trail in a few weeks and will let you know what sort of quiet I experience. There is so much moss all over the Olympics, that very often everything is quite muffled anyway, but I will investigate the special square inch and report on any out of body experiences. I think its very impressive that the local airlines have agreed not to fly over the park.

And as long as we're on the environmental art kick, here is another great site, Ecoarttech. A lot of helpful links and curious posts.

And check out these SUDS (sustainable drainage systems) via thingermejig's photostream

happy tuesday!

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