kinder kinder

Well, I wish I could find kindersurprise in the states, but so far Vancouver is the closest I have found them.


Backslider said...

uwajimaya in seattle... the big asian market - is supposed to have them. When I went to look they were fresh out, but I think they'll be there.

sgc said...

Hey! I really like that kinder egg photo you have on your blog - I need one for a German Food website I've been working on... I could just go and take the photo myself, I do that normally, but I live an hour away from the place and I always forget when I'm there, and yours looks awesome. So I'm wondering if it's your work and if I could use it? Also, if you want kinder eggs, they're $1.99 plus shipping from that store I was telling you about. Just keep it on the D/L, I'd hate for them to have any problems because of this. http://www.germanfoodatjosies.com is where you can get them, shipped to anywhere in the United States as far as I know, but for how long I don't know.