Fox and the stones.

There was a fox who lived in a small tunnel between a river and a rock wall. The tunnel was egg colored and full of leaves and moss that the fox had gathered for his nest. In the daylight the tunnel was invisible to outsiders as it blended into the rock and bubbling river, but at night the tunnel glowed so brightly that anyone could see where the fox lived.

The fox was worried about his tunnel being invaded by others, so he devised a plan to cover the tunnel from prying eyes.

He spent three days gathering the finest stones he could find. He carried the stones back to the tunnel one by one until he had enough that he could prepare a wall entirely covering the tunnel's bright interior.

After a long day of placing stones along the tunnel's entrance the fox was convinced he had finished his work and that the tunnel's interior would be protected from the outside.

Fox was so tired from his work, that he decided to take a quick nap near the riverbed. When he awoke he discovered that he had slept too late and it was now very dark and beginning to storm. The fox began to make his way home, when he realized that the tunnel's glow would not be able to guide him home.

The fox roamed all night, but could not find his tunnel anywhere.

The next day the fox was tired and cold, but relieved to finally find his way home. He took the stones away and fed them back into the river one by one.

That night he slept peacefully in the glow of the tunnel.

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